Showcase @ Cupola Framing

An opportunity to promote and sell your creative work

Cupola Framing are offering their two main retail windows to artists, designers and creatives who would like to display and sell their artwork in a professional high street window with a fine art heritage.

Cupola Framing is positioned next door to Cupola Gallery, a highly respected, long-standing fine art gallery which has been selling original fine art for over 20 years. We feel this is a great opportunity for creatives to showcase their work to the public with a little retail help from Cupola!

Cupola has always been interested in ‘access to art’ and feels that ‘showcase space’ at Cupola Framing creates an opportunity for showing work of a different nature from that which is regularly exhibited in the gallery.

There are two large, bright, high street windows in which to create your display. The windows are visible from the pavement, road and the tram stops so this is a good opportunity to get your work seen by both commuters and local people each day. Cupola is a respected brand and is a venue for art lovers visiting Sheffield. With the gallery having a commitment to sell only originals and original printmaking (not reproductions), this is a great chance at Cupola Framing to sell not only original pieces but reproductions and still have the strength of Cupola’s brand behind you.

We can offer you help and advice on window dressing, if required, and provide you with some ‘props’ when available (or provide your own). We will do all the up keep of the display to make sure your work looks as good a possible throughout its display. Cupola will promote your work and the display via its website, its social media platforms and will issue a press release for each showcase, ensuring that each artist gets as much exposure as possible!

Are you interested in promoting and selling your work? Download the T+C’s and Submission Guidelines.

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