Artist Referral Scheme

When buying original artwork, customers are often concerned about the added cost of quality framing to protect and display their new favourite piece.

After talking to artists who are regular customers, we had the idea of offering a discount to both the artist themselves and their customers.

The artist would receive a flat rate discount on framing their work. This would hopefully take away some of the financial pressures of sending work for exhibition and, more importantly, mean that their work isn’t presented in an unprofessional way, reducing its appeal.

The artists’ customers would receive a discount voucher, specifically for the recently purchased artwork, to have it framed with us. This would hopefully make the difference between somebody buying the work, or finding reasons not to. We would welcome suggestions from the artists about how they prefer their work framed and would help the customer make the most of their new and exciting purchase.

Let us know what you think.

Cupola Framing Team


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