Mouldings Explained

Picture frames are cut from long lengths of ‘moulding’. This is a length of wood that has been shaped (on a spindle moulder) to have a desirable shape to suit your artwork.  Of course all of the wooden mouldings we use are FSC certified.

Frames can also be made of metal, more specifically aluminium extruded profiles. These allow for an increased variety of frames and can safely hold larger artworks with much thinner frames which can look extremely good in a modern environment

Frames are now made from a plastic composite (think of a plastic ‘Wispa’ bar). These are new to the market and are generally found on low-cost factory produced frames. We do have a few of the best plastic mouldings available, but we generally avoid them as a general rule as their longevity is still debated.

The materials and quality of picture frame mouldings varies enormously as does the cost of producing them. At Cupola we know that the cheapest mouldings often used in mass production are not suitable for high quality framing, so we only use high quality mouldings from some of the best suppliers, to ensure your frame looks great and last a long time.

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