The hardware provided for your picture frame will depend on the size, weight and environment in which your frame will hang.

The 3 most common options are discussed below.

D-ring and String – This is by far the most popular and most common type of hanging used in domestic environements. the low-stretch nylon we use today far outperforms the older steel wire which had a tendancy to work harden over time and then snap! String is suitable for most frames until they get large and heavy, at which point one of the other options below may be safer and more convenient.

Mirror plates and Security Fittings – Mirror plates are connonly seen in glaareies and public spaces as it doesnt allow the frame to be knocked off the wall or stolen. In the domestic environment these problems may be less accute. Mirror plates are used in the ome for large pictures as the load can be spread over a larger aree which is better for both the frame and the wall!

Specialist hanging – We can provide a large selection of specialist hardware for more specific needs. Security fittings are popular for public buildings as they reduce the chance of theft. For very large oversize frames we often use strap hangers. these heavy duty habgers are extremely strong and allow very heavy frames to be safely hung.

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