Conservation Levels Overview

There are four levels of protection that we can provide for your artwork. A combination of financial and sentimental value, current condition and type of artwork can all effect the choice of conservation level. an explanation of each level is below to help you decide what is best for your artworks.


  • Best protection available for displaying your artwork
  • museum mountboards are made from cotton, are ph neutral and will stay that way indefinitely
  • great care must betaken with artworks of this value, luckily we’re trained in artwork handling
  • again choice of materials is reduced but the frames can still enhance the artworks.
  • lifetime of frame: 35+


  • High level of protection for valuable or sentimental artworks.
  • Choice of materials reduced, particularly darker coloured mountboards – see blue wool test
  • frames may be sealed to help reduce the risk of airborne contamination
  • all materials are both acid free and lignin free.
  • lifetime of frame: 20 years+


  • Some protection from physical and airborne damage
  • Widest range of materials and techniques, lending itself to more interesting framing
  • ideal when looks are more important than long term protection
  • lifetime of frame: 5 years+


  • Looks good but offers no real protection for artwork.
  • suitable for commercial replaceable prints of low cost
  • probably better than blu-tak
  • We don’t normally frame pictures like this unless specifically requested

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